Embed Facebook Video WordPress

Integrating Facebook with your website for enabling Facebook Like Button, Facebook Comments, embed Facebook Videos on WordPress blog will do two things improve interaction with your audience and improve search engine rankings. It will improve search engine rankings as it should be related content your audience will like and then in turn bring more interaction on your blog; all things Google loves.

Create Facebook App ID

Embed Facebook Video WordPress

First step is to create a Facebook App ID for your blog. This is a very quick and easy process. Just navigate to https://developers.facebook.com/quickstarts/ and follow the instructions.

  1. Select type of App you will be using it with; for WordPress select “Website”
  2. Give it a name that you will recognize at a later date and remember you might have other sites you will need to distinguish it from. Limited to 32 characters.
  3. Embed Facebook Javascript on your website. this need to be placed on every page of the website, I use AIO Webmaster to place javascript on WordPress as it gives the option to add in header, various Analytics tags, webmaster tags. I placed the Facebook javascript in my head even though it says directly after the <body> tag it does not make a difference but it could affect your page load times as the <head> loads first so I wouldn’t recommend adding too much javascript in there.
  4. Test integration. Just simply paste the sample code for the like button and publish your post to see if it appears.
  5. Done. Now you can embed a Facebook video in a post.

Embed Facebook Video WordPress

C:\Users\Admin\Pictures\Facebook embed video WordPress

Navigate to https://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/embedded-video-player and simply follow the instructions:

1. Choose URL or Page

Pick the URL of a Facebook video you want to embed.

2. Code Configurator

Paste the URL to the Code Configurator and click the “Get Code” button to generate your embedded video player code.

3. Copy & Paste HTML snippet

Copy and paste the snippet into the HTML of the destination website.



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