Gary Vee Project Management Advice to be in top 10%

Gary Vaynerchuk did a brilliant quick video on what he thinks top project managers do different than the other 90%. He learnt this from his own experience managing project managers for his hugely successful international digital ad agency.

Gary Vee Project Management Advice

Guide with your ears instead of your mouth

Project Management EfficiencyListening is grossly underestimated not just in project management but in all areas of life

Posted by Gary Vaynerchuk on Saturday, July 16, 2016

The trick to maintaining high standards while managing projects regardless if you have 1 project or 20 projects is simply just LISTEN. Keeping project on time and within budget is obviously the main objective of the project manager but there are different ways they can achieve this. It doesn’t have to be the hard line approach of being over demanding and pushing people but instead just listen.

Talk it to Success

Empathy is what distinguishes the top project managers from the rest. The ability to have that personal connection with the team and be able to understand root causes. This will lead to the team respecting you as a project manager and a person which will improve team morale and move them towards the goal of being a high performing team.

Gary Vee Project Management

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Huffington Post identified the top 10 characteristics of a Performing team where i have chosen my top 3.

  1. People have solid and deep trust in each other and in the team’s purpose. (For the team members to have trust they need to be able to be honest on why they missed a deadline and shouldn’t be afraid that they are going to get a scolding from the PM).
  2. The team engages in extensive discussion. (Open and informal discussion is as important as formal. It is crucial to build up trust and a good working relationship with team members)
  3. Team members actively diffuse tension and friction in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

All of these would be achieved by the Project Manager applying empathy and listening to the team members.

Do you agree with Gary Vee Project Management Advice?

What are your thoughts on what makes the best Project Mangers?

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