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Local SEO

Here are the essential 4 steps to creating an online presence for your business.

Every business should have a Google My Business presence so people can easily find out opening hours and contact information. Consider this the yellow pages of the internet.

Next setup a Facebook page which will build up exposure for your business as a local message board or newspaper.

Then build a website which acts is the online shop front for your business. This will show off your services or products and should enable people to make online orders.

The final and continuous step is advertising to create online leads for the business. This will largely consist of driving traffic to your website or Facebook page.


Setup Online Business Presence


There are a variety of places you can set your business up on the internet from Facebook, Instagram, Esty to Google. It is all about having a presence where your customers are. Here are the first steps every business should look at implementing.

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1. Get Listed on Google for Free



Google My business (GMB) is a free service offered by Google to help people get their service or business listed on Google. Whether you’re a home-based business or a service-area business, you can list your details to appear on Google with or without an address. All of the following businesses should be setup on GMB.

  • Single Location Brick & Mortar
  • Multi-location Brick & Mortar
  • Service Area Business
  • Multi-location Service Area Business
  • Home Based Business
  • Multi-practitioner Business

If you are setting up GMB you should make sure your business model matches Googles Guidelines. There is a great guide on matching business model to google guidelines here.

Guidelines for Creating GMB Listing

  • 1 Google My business per location (PO Boxes not acceptable)
  • Unique phone number per listing
  • Hide address option

You can check out Googles official guidelines here. If you are not sure what type of listing to create just contact me and I will help you.

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2. Setting Up Facebook Page

facebook small business

Setting up a Facebook page is free and can be done very quickly. All you need to do is input general business information, add a cover page and a profile picture and the page is created. Next step is to create content and share the page with friends and customers.

Top Tip: Request reviews from past customers 

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3. Build a Website

local business website

Having an easy to use mobile friendly website is essential for every business to get recognized and bring in leads. You can easily build a website yourself using WordPress or Weebly or hire an agency to build one for you.


Tips for Building a Website

  1. Use WordPress – It’s extremely user-friendly and doesn’t require a developer
  2. Mobile over 50% traffic so has to be optimized for mobile, most WordPress themes will optimize to screen size by default
  3. Use Nice Imagery – First impressions are key and if you don’t look professional having a website is pointless
  4. Do not use other people’s images without their consent. Go use Google Images either, you can get free images that use need add a link back to.
  5. Add schema to every page of the website in the footer – especially important for local SEO.
  6. Research keywords first before any content – all content should be written focused around a keyword which a potential customer would be searching for. You can research keywords here 

Creating Website Content Rules

  • 300-500 Words
  • Unique Keyword
  • Unique Meta Data
  • Add Keyword to url
  • Add Keyword to Headings – H1, H2, H3
  • Add Keyword to Image Alt Tag
  • Add Keyword to Text +/- 2-3%
  • Link to other relevant webpages

If you are not sure that your website meets the above guidelines you can order a Website Audit here, where we will check all of the above and so much more.

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4. Get Website Traffic

The two reliable options for online traffic that every website should start with is PPC and SEO. Pay Per Click where you pay every time someone clicks your advert. PPC ads are positioned above SEO rankings for each search. PPC is Pay Per Click Ads from Google Adwords. This is where advertisers target certain keywords and when you type them into Google their ad will appear. They will only be charged if you click on the ad. In general, the first 3-4 search listing will be adverts.

SEO then in comparison is one of the most sustainable and guaranteed long-seo vs ppcterm results for traffic for any website is Search Engine Optimisation SEO. SEO is when search engine’s (Google) use their algorithm to display appropriate web pages to a user when they search a term (keyword).

SEO is considered or organic search listings where they are displayed based on relativeness to the search term entered. Search Engine Optimisation is what determines if you are on page number 1 without using ads.

Some advertisers will use a combination of both but when you have a good SEO strategy it can have huge long term impact as you won’t have to keep buying ads as you would be ranking on page number one anyway.

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Getting a Website Ranked

The above chart highlights the key factors that determine’s the ranking of your website.

  1. Website On Site SEO (Meta Data like Title Tags, Description, Sitemap)
  2. Reviews (Get Google/Facebook Reviews)
  3. Citations (Directory Listings like
  4. Links (Links from other websites)
  5. Miscellaneous (Site Speed and other various factors)

How Long Does Local SEO Take?

Some keywords can start ranking immediately but competitive keywords can take up to 3-8 months of building links. Usually, a local SEO project takes 3 months to gradually build up citations and links.

It costs €750 over three months, paid at €250 per month.

Before any work is started we identify keywords with the highest search volume which will lead to higher traffic, there is no point ranking for a keyword if no one is searching for that term.



Do It Yourself Guide to Local SEO

For anybody that does not have the budget to hire someone to optimize their website for local SEO here is a step by step guide to get you started. You do not need to be an expert to do the below tasks it will just take you a lot longer than an industry expert.

local seo guide

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Website Development

When building a small business website we start with the customer’s end goal in mind. If it is to get more phone calls, email subscriptions or sell products we use different software and process to accomplish this.

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Small Business Website Development


3 Core Principles for Every Site

  1. User-Friendly: Making it as easy as possible for your customer to get the information they need as quickly as possible. Most people stay on websites less than 9 seconds so we need to make a good first impression to keep their attention.

  2. Mobile Optimized: Over 50% and growing of your traffic will be on a mobile device. All of our websites use CS3 so the websites adjust to the different screen sizes.

  3. SEO Friendly: Having a solid URL structure and ensuring all on-page SEO techniques are used such as meta tags (Title, Description, Image) are an absolute must for every single website

Small Business Website Development

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How We Build High-Quality Website’s


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Custom Website Design

For custom website development we organise a series of calls where we build the website in iterations. we begin by writing out all your requirements and high-level priority of each requirement. We then estimate each individual requirement and complete prioritising that list for the minimum viable product (MVP).

5 Step Process

  1. UX team create wireframes of the website for desktop and mobile devices. We review the wireframes with the client before we proceed to implementation.
  2. Development team chose the correct framework and build the MVP
  3. The MVP is demonstrated to the client, which gives the client an opportunity to identify anything they don’t like and would like changed.
  4. All changes are made and the content is added to the site.
  5. Get final sign-off from the customer before we finish the project.

In general, we recommend CMS websites which are easier maintained and better value for money. Custom websites are great for complex projects, but there is a 90% chance you don’t actually need one if you have a small business. 


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Content Management Systems (CMS)

Content management systems are the way forward for small business websites. They are extremely easy to use and puts the power in the hands of the owner. You will be able to add and remove content without ever needing a developer again. We can install backup feature too so just in case you make any mistakes you will be covered. We use the two best CMS options on the market for websites.

content management system websites



A high majority of small business websites you see day to day is using WordPress (This website is WordPress). It is an extremely powerful platform where you install the features you need via plugins. The design is simply controlled by a theme which is easily customizable which usually doesn’t require any coding. For adding content, you use a simple text editor which resembles Microsoft word making it very easy for you to control your website.


If you want to sell products online Shopify is the perfect elegant solution for you. Similar to WordPress you can add themes and plugins to make it look and feel as you want but it is designed for selling products. It can manage all of your online orders including payment (Visa, Mastercard, PayPal to name a few). One of the best features is the inventory management where you can control stock both online and in retail.

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Why We Are The BestMoney_Back_Guarantee

If you feel for any reason we would not be a good match to work together or you don’t want to continue with the project we will give 100% refund.

For this reason we will start by a initial consultation and define clear goals of the website.


Websites Done Right

Every website we create includes the following as standard…


Service/Information Website

Size of Website

Selling Products Website

buy now

Website Audits

Do you have an old website that isn’t bringing in leads and you can’t figure out why? We run comprehensive website audits ranging from technical, search engine optimization and competitors analysis.

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Comprehensive Website Audits


3 Website Audit Options

  1. Comprehensive SEO Audit: We review up to 50 critical items on your website ensuring everything is up to standard and what you rank for right now. We also do high-level competitor analysis of your niche. We can then make recommendations on what needs to be done to get you noticed. Order Comprehensive SEO Audit Now!

  2. Key Competitor’s Audit: The best place to start an SEO strategy is to analyse your top competitor’s current strategies. We will not only look at SEO but also PPC and Social Media. Then use this on the basis of analysing Google search volumes to determine the best search queries you should be targeting. Order Key Competitors Audit Now!

  3. Complete Website Audit: This includes everything covered by the comprehensive SEO Audit and the Key Competitors Audit. Order Complete Website Audit Now!

website audit

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Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

SEO is what determines where your website is placed in Googles rankings. Using a smart SEO strategy will give you a major competitive advantage and ensure leads keep pouring in. The first step in determining that strategy is by doing an SEO Audit to help identify any errors and gaps in the market you can explicit. you should think of an SEO Audit as a health check that neds to be done before you can confidently move forward.

SEO is determined by a number of different factors but there are 3 core principles that have the biggest impact on your ranking. You need to make sure your website is indexable and meets Google’s guidelines.


A. Meta Data: These are used to display the title and description of the page when listed in Google search results. They are used by Google to understand the intended content of the web page and index it for search queries.

B. Content: Each web page should be focused on one subject which is the target keyword of the page. Ideally, when someone types your keyword into Google, you appear they come to your site it should have the information they need. Google wants to only show relevant content to people so if you have good content Google will like you as people will be getting what they want. This os a very high-level description there are a lot more factors that need to be taken into consideration to make the content SEO friendly.

C. Backlinks: Backlinks are links from other sites to the web page. Think of this as people referencing you as a quality source for either a service or information. The more authority backlinks the better as Google will recognise you as an authority in that niche.


On-Site SEO Techniques

On-Site techniques are in relation to all aspects of optimising your website so it ranks better on search engines. These ranges from page load time to the websites content which could lead to the creation of new content and updating old. All content MUST be unique and keyword targetted that is an absolute must.

Off-Site SEO Techniques

This is concerning off website efforts to improve SEO such links to your site ie. backlinks. Backlinks can be generated through social media, guest posting on other sites, posting on forums, blogging. It is MUST not to use blackhat SEO techniques as it will lead to your website getting penalized and falling away down the rankings.

Whitehat SEO

Whitehat is simply following best practices outlined by Google. If you have unique high-quality content that is well-labelled Google will be very happy with you. Then complement this with links from relevant pages and you will be rocking.

Blackhat SEO

Blackhat SEO techniques are when you try to cheat Google to get high in their search rankings. Techniques would include keyword stuffing, hiding text and most importantly the big no-no is linking from non-relevant sites.

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More Detail on Website Audits


Comprehensive SEO Audit

We analyse over 50 aspects of your website covering 3 areas on-site analysis, competitive analysis, and keyword research.

On-Site Analysis: Health Check, Usability Review, Content Review, Redirects, Page Structure.

Indexability: Review Colour Contrast, Brand Exposure, Robots.txt

Meta Data Review: Grade Keywords, Review Images, Titles, Descriptions

Technical Analysis: Page Load Times, Site Speed, Analysis Internal/External Linking

google seo number one

Competitor Search Audit

Analysing your competitor combined with deep diving into Google is a guaranteed winning strategy that every effective SEO expert does. Firstly gather all the keywords your competitors are targeting and then deep dive into Google Keyword Planner and use these as a basis for finding possible keywords with high search volumes that you can target.

Also by analysing a competitor you might notice they are on page one for a high search volume keyword but only have 5 backlinks to that page and only a 400-word article. It would make sense for you to create a 500-800 word article and get 5+ backlinks and it should pass your competitor. This is a simple example but it is the same theory for scaling.

We also include your competitor social media presence and their Adwords PPC campaign data such as traffic and keywords.

competitor search audit

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Order Website Audit Today

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Content Marketing

Creating great content for a website should be something every website owner should be aiming to do for multiple business reasons. Great content will build up your brand’s authority in a niche attracting more customers and open up relationships with other people in your niche. Other websites will also be more inclined to link to your website which will lead to increased search engines rankings leading to more traffic.


You can check out an example of my work on my affiliate website where I created a 10 thousand word piece and spent nearly as long formatting and working on the design of the piece. You can check my list of 100 Agile Tools and Techniques here.

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