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Biggest Mistakes of 2017

  • Website Is Not Mobile Optimized
  • Doesn't Use https//:
  • Not Setup to Collect Email Addresses
  • Not Setup on Every Social Media Channel
  • Still Keyword Stuffing Content
  • Don't Have Unique Title & Descriptions Tags
  • Spending Money on Backlinks that are Not Niche Related

These are MAJOR RED FLAGS that you need HELP ASAP!!!


A website is like a car, if it is a badly built car no matter what fuel you put into it, it will always be limited! At a very minimum your website needs to be search engine and user friendly. A user needs to arrive on the site and know what you do how to perform the next desired action immediately. Most users will not even scroll below the fold so having a fancy image taking up all the room is pointless, also over 50% of traffic will be mobile and Google penalizes if you not optimized.

Google also penalizes keyword stuffing, duplicate content, not having SSL cert​, getting spammy backlinks are major factors. If you have your site setup for SEO all traffic that comes to your site will help your SEO and generate more natural leads. This is called onsite SEO and is very important but overlooked by most agencies. Every single website should gather email addresses by offer​ a lead magnet relevant to their readers needs. This is key to have a successful website. Ideally you want to build a sales funnel using a CRM to maximize profits from the website.

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Now that you have a well built car you need it added to the race with all the other cars. Its not good enough to build this great website, you need to leave people know about it. The first step is build out all of the social media channels and web 2.0 properties for the website to establish your online brand. Next step is to get the website listed on all directories nationally and locally.

Then you are ready to start adding engaging content created for your ideal customer making you an authority in the niche. A customer needs to know they can trust that you can deliver on what you promise. 

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3. Growth Hacking Local Business

Now its time to start pushing your fine tuned machine to its limits and see how well it performs. Now you have a mailing list that you email monthly, backlinks are twice as powerful since going to SEO optimized website. All guaranteeing you longtime results.

We use 9 marketing channels (SEO, PPC, FB Ads, Display, Affiliates, Email, Content, PR). We use a bullseye technique to target the most likely channels to get in front of your customer. A lot of these strategies happen in parallel once setup and just to be monitored. 

All marketing efforts are documented and decisions are based on data. We use phone tracking software to track calls so we make sure to optimize for leads and sales.

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Grow Your Business With Us

  • We're a small, dedicated Perth website management team that specializes in E-Commerce and Lead Generation Sites.
  • Our services are offered on a no obligation to remain, monthly basis only.
  • We are looking for clients that understand the importance of digital media and will leave us spend our time getting results.
  • If you are looking for on-page SEO expertise, smart link building or full website management service we are the team for you.

What Do You Need Help With......

Websites We Helped

Virtual marketing manager, overseeing affiliate, email, SEO and paid marketing.

Brand new website rebuild using Woocommerce selling over 200 products.

SEO service where built out brand identity and started building niche backlinks.

Brand & website redesigned with Thrive Themes which included keyword research.

Technology We Use powers 26% if the web with user friendly websites. Sites like Forbes, National Geographic and People magazine all use WordPress. We build all our sites using WordPress so you or your team can easily add or remove content with some simple training. 

Woocommerce is a WordPress plugin which simply turns any website into a eCommerce store for no extra cost. Nearly 2M eCommerce stores have been built with Woocommerce and continues to increase. You can easily add products without any more development.

Thirive Themes are built for Conversion Optimization essential for every website. We can display features dependent on reader actions and preferences. Simply setup headline split tests as well as many more features made to gather leads.

Active Campaign is small to medium business CRM that combines the power of Infusionsift, Salesforce and aWeber into a easy to use very dynamic system. It makes marketing automation easy as a pie while give you detailed insights into your customer.