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When building a small business website we start with the customer’s end goal in mind. If it is to get more phone calls, email subscriptions or sell products we use different software and process to accomplish this.

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Small Business Website Development


3 Core Principles for Every Site

  1. User-Friendly: Making it as easy as possible for your customer to get the information they need as quickly as possible. Most people stay on websites less than 9 seconds so we need to make a good first impression to keep their attention.

  2. Mobile Optimized: Over 50% and growing of your traffic will be on a mobile device. All of our websites use CS3 so the websites adjust to the different screen sizes.

  3. SEO Friendly: Having a solid URL structure and ensuring all on-page SEO techniques are used such as meta tags (Title, Description, Image) are an absolute must for every single website

Small Business Website Development

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How We Build High-Quality Website’s


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Custom Website Design

For custom website development we organise a series of calls where we build the website in iterations. we begin by writing out all your requirements and high-level priority of each requirement. We then estimate each individual requirement and complete prioritising that list for the minimum viable product (MVP).

5 Step Process

  1. UX team create wireframes of the website for desktop and mobile devices. We review the wireframes with the client before we proceed to implementation.
  2. Development team chose the correct framework and build the MVP
  3. The MVP is demonstrated to the client, which gives the client an opportunity to identify anything they don’t like and would like changed.
  4. All changes are made and the content is added to the site.
  5. Get final sign-off from the customer before we finish the project.

In general, we recommend CMS websites which are easier maintained and better value for money. Custom websites are great for complex projects, but there is a 90% chance you don’t actually need one if you have a small business. 


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Content Management Systems (CMS)

Content management systems are the way forward for small business websites. They are extremely easy to use and puts the power in the hands of the owner. You will be able to add and remove content without ever needing a developer again. We can install backup feature too so just in case you make any mistakes you will be covered. We use the two best CMS options on the market for websites.

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A high majority of small business websites you see day to day is using WordPress (This website is WordPress). It is an extremely powerful platform where you install the features you need via plugins. The design is simply controlled by a theme which is easily customizable which usually doesn’t require any coding. For adding content, you use a simple text editor which resembles Microsoft word making it very easy for you to control your website.


If you want to sell products online Shopify is the perfect elegant solution for you. Similar to WordPress you can add themes and plugins to make it look and feel as you want but it is designed for selling products. It can manage all of your online orders including payment (Visa, Mastercard, PayPal to name a few). One of the best features is the inventory management where you can control stock both online and in retail.

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Why We Are The BestMoney_Back_Guarantee

If you feel for any reason we would not be a good match to work together or you don’t want to continue with the project we will give 100% refund.

For this reason we will start by a initial consultation and define clear goals of the website.


Websites Done Right

Every website we create includes the following as standard…


Service/Information Website

Size of Website

Selling Products Website

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