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After studying project management methodologies there is one constant why projects fail. This can be fixed by one simple everyday technique anyone can use. Clear effective Communication between all stakeholders is the secret to success.

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Project Team Communication


Projects with the simplest requirements can turn into nightmares if there are not appropriate communication channels between teams. It does not matter if they are Agile, Traditional, on-site, overseas. If there is no communication the project will fail.

A good project manager will make sure everyone has the right information at the right time. This said the project manager might of misunderstood the business or vice a verse. There’s no need to wait till the end of a project to realize this. I prefer Agile methodologies as they encourage communication and constant feedback.

Agile methodologies encourage communication and constant feedback. From initial estimating to constant feedback loops all stakeholders are aware of what is going on. Scrum is one of the most popular methodologies at the moment but starting to see more of Scrumban; combining Scrum and Kanban to have more adaptability.

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Agile Project Manager For You


By taking a lean Agile approach when managing projects, it means using an iterative approach to ensure you know exactly what is going to be delivered and be confident it will meet the deadlines.

I have experience writing requirements, communicating with developers and testing with QA to deliver high-quality products on time and as expected every time. I have managed teams ranging from 2 to 15 both on-site and virtual. Worked with virtual teams in America and Asia simultaneously having daily stand-ups convenient to both time zones.

With over 5 years experience in Agile Project Management and a proven record managed a wide range of projects including….

Previous Projects

  • Product Releases
  • Database Upgrades
  • Software Upgrades
  • Operational Projects
  • Process Documentation
  • Multi-site Inventory Upgrade
  • Data Centre Application Setup
  • Content Management Systems
  • Doubleclick & Tag Manager Integrations
  • Microsite Website Redesigns & Moves

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Virtual Project Management Software


Methodology project management software is essential for every development team to enable the team to get all the information they need from anywhere in the world. With software like JIRA there is no need for real life Kanban whiteboards or old Gantt charts. This makes it 10x easier to follow the Agile methodology and report on key project metrics.

Communication project management technology not only enables the team to easier follow the processes but also enables effective communication. Tools like Slack were deliberately created to help teams work together remotely.

Collaboration is also key when having team members distributed geographically. Using cloud sharing applications such as Google Docs people can work on the same documents and easily share information with team members.

google docs

Remote Project Manager


Virtual Project Manager


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How To Hire A Remote Project Manager


Hiring a Virtual Project Manager couldn’t be easier with Upwork. Upwork, formerly Elance-oDesk, is a global freelancing platform where businesses and independent professionals connect and collaborate remotely. You will find a wide range of remote project managers offering their services all with different prices and experience. Upwork protects the buyer and seller by keeping the agreed payment in escrow till terms are met and have a review system for each individual.

You can check out my Upwork virtual project manager profile here where you can find a portfolio of previous jobs highlighting my skills. Alternatively you can contact me directly via this site or email info (at) and we can work directly which I will offer at 10% discount off my Upwork hourly rate.

Hire me on Upwork

You can also check out my Project Management Blog for more information on project management and how to get certified.


Has a passion for innovation and for delivering & maintaining the highest quality product. Highly analytically and goal focused, with a high level of organizational skills that enables to work well when under pressure.

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