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Do you have an old website that isn’t bringing in leads and you can’t figure out why? We run comprehensive website audits ranging from technical, search engine optimization and competitors analysis.

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Comprehensive Website Audits


3 Website Audit Options

  1. Comprehensive SEO Audit: We review up to 50 critical items on your website ensuring everything is up to standard and what you rank for right now. We also do high-level competitor analysis of your niche. We can then make recommendations on what needs to be done to get you noticed. Order Comprehensive SEO Audit Now!

  2. Key Competitor’s Audit: The best place to start an SEO strategy is to analyse your top competitor’s current strategies. We will not only look at SEO but also PPC and Social Media. Then use this on the basis of analysing Google search volumes to determine the best search queries you should be targeting. Order Key Competitors Audit Now!

  3. Complete Website Audit: This includes everything covered by the comprehensive SEO Audit and the Key Competitors Audit. Order Complete Website Audit Now!

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Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

SEO is what determines where your website is placed in Googles rankings. Using a smart SEO strategy will give you a major competitive advantage and ensure leads keep pouring in. The first step in determining that strategy is by doing an SEO Audit to help identify any errors and gaps in the market you can explicit. you should think of an SEO Audit as a health check that neds to be done before you can confidently move forward.

SEO is determined by a number of different factors but there are 3 core principles that have the biggest impact on your ranking. You need to make sure your website is indexable and meets Google’s guidelines.


A. Meta Data: These are used to display the title and description of the page when listed in Google search results. They are used by Google to understand the intended content of the web page and index it for search queries.

B. Content: Each web page should be focused on one subject which is the target keyword of the page. Ideally, when someone types your keyword into Google, you appear they come to your site it should have the information they need. Google wants to only show relevant content to people so if you have good content Google will like you as people will be getting what they want. This os a very high-level description there are a lot more factors that need to be taken into consideration to make the content SEO friendly.

C. Backlinks: Backlinks are links from other sites to the web page. Think of this as people referencing you as a quality source for either a service or information. The more authority backlinks the better as Google will recognise you as an authority in that niche.


On-Site SEO Techniques

On-Site techniques are in relation to all aspects of optimising your website so it ranks better on search engines. These ranges from page load time to the websites content which could lead to the creation of new content and updating old. All content MUST be unique and keyword targetted that is an absolute must.

Off-Site SEO Techniques

This is concerning off website efforts to improve SEO such links to your site ie. backlinks. Backlinks can be generated through social media, guest posting on other sites, posting on forums, blogging. It is MUST not to use blackhat SEO techniques as it will lead to your website getting penalized and falling away down the rankings.

Whitehat SEO

Whitehat is simply following best practices outlined by Google. If you have unique high-quality content that is well-labelled Google will be very happy with you. Then complement this with links from relevant pages and you will be rocking.

Blackhat SEO

Blackhat SEO techniques are when you try to cheat Google to get high in their search rankings. Techniques would include keyword stuffing, hiding text and most importantly the big no-no is linking from non-relevant sites.

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More Detail on Website Audits


Comprehensive SEO Audit

We analyse over 50 aspects of your website covering 3 areas on-site analysis, competitive analysis, and keyword research.

On-Site Analysis: Health Check, Usability Review, Content Review, Redirects, Page Structure.

Indexability: Review Colour Contrast, Brand Exposure, Robots.txt

Meta Data Review: Grade Keywords, Review Images, Titles, Descriptions

Technical Analysis: Page Load Times, Site Speed, Analysis Internal/External Linking

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Competitor Search Audit

Analysing your competitor combined with deep diving into Google is a guaranteed winning strategy that every effective SEO expert does. Firstly gather all the keywords your competitors are targeting and then deep dive into Google Keyword Planner and use these as a basis for finding possible keywords with high search volumes that you can target.

Also by analysing a competitor you might notice they are on page one for a high search volume keyword but only have 5 backlinks to that page and only a 400-word article. It would make sense for you to create a 500-800 word article and get 5+ backlinks and it should pass your competitor. This is a simple example but it is the same theory for scaling.

We also include your competitor social media presence and their Adwords PPC campaign data such as traffic and keywords.

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